FreeStanding Glass Railing – Unobstructed View

Nothing but the view.

Make the most of your view with Thermaline’s FreeStanding Glass Railing system.
With the FreeStanding Glass Railing system, there are no balustrades or rails obstructing the view.

FreeStanding Glass Railing system consists of a specially designed aluminium base that can withstand dynamic loads, are anchored to the RCC floor. This aluminium base securely holds the frameless glass offering an uninterrupted wide open view of the surroundings that make glass railing one of today’s leading market trends.

Advantages of FreeStanding Glass Railing are

  • Get the view you always wanted.
  • Economic & Easy to install.
  • Designed to withstand high wind pressure and dynamic loads without compromising safety.
  • Needs no more maintenance than the windows of your home.
  • Broken glass can easily be replaced without removing or damaging the adjacent glass panels.
  • The option of rectangular, round or oval aluminium top rail with end connectors is also available.
  • Option to side-mount or in-floor(recessed) mount is also available.

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