An Indian firm that has a reputation for consistent innovation with their designs being featured in interior design magazines like Better interiors, Mondo Arc, Home Review, etc.

There is a Misconception of thermal break systems being costlier than conventional aluminium systems. However, Thermaline systems are at par with any other aluminium systems available in the Indian market.

No Thermal Break
Without a thermal break, aluminium transfers heat and cold, which leads to a huge energy loss. In summer, the frame heats up and transfers the heat to the inside of the building and in winter, precious heat is lost.

Thermal Break
Connecting aluminium profiles to each other with polyamide strips prevents the direct exchange of heat and sound transfer. Cavities inside the profiles, for example, make it possible to minimize the exchange of convection or radiant heat and to achieve optimum efficiency.


Energy costs and noise pollution continue to rise – there is nothing that we can do about it. Our mission at THERMALINE is to provide you products that give you optimum comfort at minimal energy consumption.


We have a reputation for consistent innovation with our designs being featured in interior design magazines like Better interiors, Mondo Arc, Home Review, etc.

We also provide customized designs for Aluminium sliding & Casements Systems which are Energy Efficient & Economical.

THERMALINE products save up to 60% energy as they do not allow heat to enter while preserving the temperature of the room for much longer. Thus, a reduction in air conditioning costs and savings for the owner.

THERMALINE products are perfectly designed to reduce the transmission of sound. Proper choice of glass and professional installation of the system ensures maximum peace of mind and high comfort.

THERMALINE products also mean making a choice that respects the environment around us as aluminium, unlike UPVC. has great resistance to weathering and therefore greater durability as well as being a fully recyclable material.

Another exceptional advantage of THERMALINE products over UPVC is the unlimited availability of finishes with Bi-color option, so as to ensure the satisfaction of every need and taste.


Our commitment is to provide you with highly customized designs for houses and buildings that need energy efficient glazing with an aesthetic view.

Insulation against

  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Rain
  • Pollution
  • Rising Energy Costs